About Us

Coollid holds granted patents of its hot beverage consumption and packaging technologies in every major market in the world. The company is focused on bringing hot coffee and tea lovers the most advanced technology for drinking quick service hot beverages in comfort.

In today’s fast paced environment, Coollid wants consumers to know that the research and development of Coollid’s disposable paper and plastic products are intended to make your local coffee shop experience more enjoyable.

Coollid Paper Cups are designed specifically to allow the best grip in the market while also eliminating the need for double cups or cup sleeves. Coollid plastic coffee lids posses a unique design with a built-in cooling reservoir that cools hot beverages to the perfect drinking temperature. When paired together, the disposable Coollid Cup & Coollid are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and asking for a refill of your favorite hot beverage that was once too hot to drink instantly!

Why use Coollid products?

1. Coollid Patented Reservoir Technology eliminates the need to remove the lid or add ice or milk to help cool the hot beverage. With the Coollid built-in reservoir, consumers can enjoy their favorite hot beverage immediately without any fear of scalding or burning their mouth.

2. Coollid Patented Reservoir Technology features a unique design that virtually eliminates any spillage, even if the cup is accidently tipped over. Coollid enables consumers to “drink and drive” for the first time, without any fear of spilling the hot beverage on their clothes or vehicle due to sudden stops or unexpected bumps in the road.

3. Coollid helps keep beverages hotter, longer, while simultaneously cooling the beverage to a comfortable drinking temperature—“One sip at a time.”

4. ECO Friendly Bio-Degradable Coollid Cups and Lids: Coollid cups and lids are also available in Bio-degradable material that not only can be recycled, but also would reduce pollution by being able to get decomposed in the land fields in a shorter period of time over the conventional plastic lids, and cups with poly ethylene liner that will not get decomposed and last for ever under ground.
We are delighted to announce that in addition to our multiple U.S. and abroad patents granted in Coollid technology, we have just been granted our patent in the Coollid with new technology made in Bio-degradable material as well.

5. Coollid Double Wall Cups: Coollid cups feature a sliding Ripple design that not only is comfortable for consumer to touch the hot beverage cup, but also would provide the consumer with an extra grip and prevents accidental drop of the cup, particularly in cold weather.

6. Coollid Cups and Lids are competitively priced, providing value to businesses and their customers alike.